Can I bypass a plugin without stopping the sound?

Hello everyone.
Sorry for the stupid question but I’m trying Cantabile 3 performer demo while I’ve always used Cantabile 2.
There it is: Sometimes when I’m going to change the vst I’m playing I need that the vst continues to play even after the bypass had been send. For example in a song, during the chorus I play the piano and only in the lower half of the keyboard I activate some strings that plays togheter. Now, when the chorus ends, using Cantabile 2, I use to click on the bypass button to stop the strings, this allows the last chord to continue as I keep the sustain pedal but when I play the next chord only the piano is active.

I noticed that changing between states on Cantabile 3 or using the bypass will stop immediatly the vst.
Is there any function that allows to me to bypass a vst or a state keeping it active as I keep the notes down?

Thank you very much!

Hi Samuele,

In Cantabile 3 I think you can do this by disabling the input route only when you change the states and leave the rack or plugin turned on for both song states. You also would need to use a binding for the pedal instead of the route itself. To do this this you separate the Notes from the Control pedals using the control dialog for the input route and checking “Notes Only”

then make the pedal binding for the chorus or hold.

State 1 would be Main keyboard route for vst instrument enabled

and State 2 for Main key route for vst instruments disabled

The binding you made for the control pedal would remain functioning during state changes.


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Thank you for the suggestions but, as I am new with Cantabile 3 I wasn’t used with the fact that you can enable and disable the input route from the midi keyboard, infact I was setting the vst on in one state and off in the other, but then I realized I could solve the problem simply letting the vst on in both the states and disabling the input route in the second. So if I play a chord (for example with some strings), I change state while I keep playing the chord, the sound won’t stop and I can continue the song without the strings…