Can (and how, if so) Cantabile send midi data out my focusrite 6i6 midi out port? Solved

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I’ve controlled a hardware synth before from the midi out on the back of my 6i6 but it had to be through a daw.

I have a controller I’d like to connect via usb midi to my computer, and then send the midi back out from the 6i6’s midi out port into a hardware keyboard. This is as i’m streaming though, running OBS, so I’d like to avoid having to use my DAW.

Cantabile seems like the way to go, but after installing and watching some videos I’m still not sure how to do this. Is this something you can do in this program. and if so, how?

Hi Krisp,

welcome to forum. I didn’t understand what you are trying to do. Can you post a better description, a midi diagram of your setup? Then, our resident straming guru @terrybritton (or anyone skilled in that), could help you.
Note: Some features like send to external synth, are only supported by Cantabile Performer.


I think he is trying to send midi out the 5 pin port on the back of the Focusrite which links to his hard synth.


Are you sending sysex messages from your controller to your hard synth?

Hi Paolo, hi Corky -

Yep, Corky is correct. I want to take midi messages from my usb controller and send them back out through the 5 pin port on the back of the Focusrite, which links to my hard synth.

Sorry, at first, I though you’re trying to send commands to the Scarlet (from Cantabile to the interface mixer panel, or so). My mind is sometimes twisted :thinking:

I am several years away from hard synths and sysex, so bear with me. I assume your controller, and 6i6 is usb into computer, and hard synth receiving signal from 6i6 midi 5 pin output. Cantabile is your “DAW” so to speak. I’ve seen many threads on this forum about sysex being used in Cantabile to hard synths, so I know it’s possible with a correct routing setup. I suggest you do a search on this site for “sysex”, and I think that will get you started until a skilled sysex member chimes in, which will be soon. Other than that, check these out:

Hope this helps.



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Awesome, thank you Corky - going to start looking through all this, will update this thread if I can get it to work…

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oh wow ; soooo turns out what I wanted to do was really basic, just route the main keyboard (input from my controller) into an output that was the focusrite midi. I had tried that initially but had used an old cable that had stopped working…that made it a lot harder than it needed to be.

Thanks all!

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Glad you got it going.