Calibrating slides for volume


Say I want to use a slider on my controller to control master volume, from 0 tot max. I cannot figure out how to calibrate that slider so that the transition from zero to max sounds natural - I’ve been playing with all kinds of curves but nothing satisfying. Any clues how to fit a response cure to something logarithmic like volume?



Hi @Tom_Tollenaere

Are you talking about mapping a typical MIDI CC slider to Cantabile’s master gain setting?

I thought the control curve that Cantabile uses there works pretty well now - I did a lot of work in this are quite a while ago now.

If you don’t like that behaviour you could try switching to one of the other built in curves, or you can build your own.

Or, have I missed the point completely?


I was being stupid indeed - I was messing around with all sorts of curves and didn’t even try the standard linear one - it works just fine indeed. Apologies for wasting time & bandwidth :slight_smile: