Cakewalk is finished
Blast, onIy bought recently. Quite liked it.
Shot in the back again.

I was on lifetime updates.

Gibson, horrible company…

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Gibson sucks.

Well, I’ve been on version 8.5 for years anyway, never did like the X series. So maybe this won’t be a disaster for me, at least for a while.

At some point we may be petitioning Brad to develop Cantabile into a full DAW :wink: Meanwhile maybe I should make the jump to Reaper. I’ve tried before but I’m so into Cakewalk I can’t change.


I think Brad would do an excellent job at that :wink: Pipe dream…

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I’ve thought about it and it’s tempting because there’s a ton of code in Cantabile that could be used pretty much as is.

However at this stage I’m going to stay focused on live performance.


This is NOT the first time they’ve done this.
It’s known as the place ‘good software goes to die’

You personal life would be over. :slight_smile:
You’d need to hire heaps of staff and move to the smoke.
I’ve got a few products developed over the last 30 years and that keeps me in smokes n beer. Too old to build empires.

Software and hardware- I’ve remarked elsewhere that between Opcode, Tascam, the Roland VS line and now Cakewalk it’s almost like they’re doing this to me personally. If I use it you can about bet Gibson will buy it and kill it. I expect they’ll be phoning Brad any day now with an offer. :smiley: :smiley:

And the guitars are overpriced too. I won’t say they’re crap but there’s better places to go for premium priced axes.

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Gibson bad.
REAPER good!
I moved from ProTools ten years ago to REAPER and haven’t looked back. Once you realise how powerful and customizable REAPER is, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move long ago.

REAPER and Cantabile are two peas in a pod. Same development mindset. Same interaction with customer base. Same responsiveness to feedback. Same rock solid stability.

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It runs the same on my mac as the PC and loads 6 - 10 times faster than the others.
…and who wouldn’t support a small outfit punching above their weight rather than a rapacious acquisitive psychopathic corporation?
Same goes for Cantabile and Acoustica.

I feel sorry for all the longtime employees dropped in the shit.

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I was a Pro Audio 9 user for many years. My first one man midi assisted show was all done on that software. The move to Sonar was when I started trying all the others that I could. I feel for those who got burned but know and have known many satisfied users of the Sonar line so the software is still very viable and will be for some time. On the subject of a possible @brad excursion into the DAW world … I would like to promote the idea of Modifications to the Recording functions to include a low track count Backing track assembly Mode so a user could create the backing tracks for a Song right inside the Song. Like a 4 stereo track Porta-studio approach. It can be cobbled togther now but it’s operationally incoherent to make multi track backing tracks so most use a separate DAW to make them. That’s great but for a Performer if this were integral to the C3 Program it would get used a ton if it was easy, well laid out and reliable. It couldn’t bloat the software either but anyway I’d way prefer it to another full blown DAW … At least that’s my 2 cents


First post… but been many months “lurking” in the forums… I absolutely LOVE Cantabile!

Yup…sad…very sad. I’ve been a 25+ year user/subscriber of Cakewalk Pro Audio/Sonar. The news was devastating to me with years of projects developed within Cakewalk. Lot’s of “scuttlebutt” over the past months about Gibson… should have known this was coming.

I’m moving on to Cubase Pro 9.5… just waiting for my eLicenser key to arrive in the mail.



I agree about two peas in the same pod Cantabile and Reaper are my *go to" applications for Live work and Recording respectively and for the same reasons, loads of support, a good community and devs who listen to their users.

And lastly, I must say it, price, both are reasonably priced, allowing us mere mortals to actually do things without breaking the bank.

More Brad, more Cockos, less Gibson !

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…Hear, hear!

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I am sure Brad would do a great DAW if he chose to do one. :slight_smile: My strong personal preference is to keep Cantabile on what it is focused on: lean and mean, streamlined live use. Cubase is a great DAW (been using it since 2001) but I would not use it live!