C3, Yamaha MOXF, and MOXF-VST

This question is esp. for MOXF users - I hope it’s ok and not too far off-topic in our C3 community.
I love the MOXF but IMHO the MOXF VST is a real p.i.t.a. … small, overloaded, dark, inadequate … and nobody at Yamaha seems to care.
Do you use it in general, are you using it with C3 or which alternatives do you know?

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I use the MOXF8, but don’t use the VST - ever. Don’t really see a need to do so… but then I may just not have discovered the need for the VST… Would love to hear more if someone has scenarios that make sense.

I have the MOX, MOXF and MODX hardware keyboards so I’m intimately familiar with the Yamaha AMW programming eco system. I googled but can only find a VST editor not an actual VSTi synth. It’s an instant buy for me if this exists! @CologneKeys, do you have a link to this MOXF VST?

Sorry Pete_67 - it’s the VST editor I referred to, not a VST synth - that would be an instant buy for me, too.
Regards from Cologne

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