C3 with Roland Cloud?


Is anyone using Roland Cloud’s Concerto with C3? I am trying to use their library of subscription vsts, but no success yet.


Might want to visit this thread


I have no trouble running any of the Roland Cloud items in Cantabile 3, but have noticed two things that might prevent me from using them live:

  1. They require an Internet connection when you start up Cantabile so it can confirm the authorization. They are reportedly working on a new authorization method that would not require you to always be hooked up to the Internet, but that does not yet exist at this time. Once you do start up Cantabile and get the authorization, though, you can then disconnect the Internet and it will continue to work.

  2. The emulators that I found most interesting are major CPU hogs. I would not be able to run them with many other VST’s loaded with them.



I don’t understand Rolands business plan.
Decades of road experience, and now the digital age has come, they want to keep musicians stuck at their desk. When you’re on a tour i can imagine you don’t have always internet at your option.


I am without a doubt that their target audience for the emulators are the desktop music producers who will use the instrument in a track and then freeze or bounce the MIDI track to a stem in order to add further tracks. The emulations are quite CPU-intensive. However, they also provide several sample-based instruments that have a smaller CPU hit.