C3 Performer - Unable to name patches or multis in Omnisphere 2.6

I’ve been a Cantabile and Omnisphere user since 2014. I’ve recently migrated Cantabile 3 Performer and all my VST’s on a new laptop and I’m having the following issue: When editing Omnisphere from within Cantabile I’m unable to type in or add attributes, such as author, in the Omnisphere attribute field before final saving of a patch or multi. I position the cursor and type, but nothing happens.

Other areas of Omnisphere where you type in a value, like searching for patches in the browser, work fine.

When running Omnisphere stand alone, outside of Cantabile, I’m able to add custom attributes and save normally.

Has anyone had this same issue, and is there a fix?

I experienced this exact issue yesterday.