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Hi Janot,

To check what the Oxygen is sending click on the input route in the song that has the Oxygen controller on it and right click and open the MIDI monitor. press your sustain pedal and see what message is coming into the song and going to the rack.


No sweat, thanks for pitching in, good to have your help!

What little I can do. :rofl:

The Oxygen is quite the finicky beast.

You both are on top, guys ! Let me test it back tonight, thanks to your amazing help. I will let you know, for sure.

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Wow ! I have just managed to link properly my 2 keyboards to play Dave’s rack and this is absolutely brillant ! Dave should be endorsed by Acoustic Samples to demonstrate the B5 abilities in a Rock context, which is a big lack in their Web site… I finally get more familiar with the C3 rack menu to control distortion, leslie speed, swell pedal and general volume : that is all I need, especially when the sound presets are so good. I can play the upper and lower manuals, as if I was seated in front of the real thing. :grin:

Thanks again for sharing it. This file is an amazing gold mine for Prog-rockers like me.

At the end, I came to the conclusion that my audio cracks provided from the B5 Vst limits since I noticed Dave created this rack with the version 2… After installing the B5 update 2.5 à few months ago, this is reducing the CPU average, which seemed to be very high before… But as a result I lost Dave fantastic presets…

So here is my humble request : is it an exhausting work to map Dave’s rack for the Last 2.5 update ? I am not expert enough to realise… Sure it would be very helpful.

Keep on rocking & thanks again, anyway. This Cantabile community is a great discover.


If you would like some B5 presets, I posted several here:

You will have to scroll down to get the presets which I post occasionally. More to come.

BTW, B5 is notorious to update. It starts with a clean slate, but UVI saves all your versions. That’s why I love Brad’s Preset models. All is explained in the link I posted above.

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Hi Janot,

Corky’s presets are great! I have thought about re-tooling my rack to the way Corky does it using the snapshot entire bank style of preset management. As he noted it let’s C3 do the management of the parameters for each patch. I will look into converting a rack to that style of setup using 2.5 as the engine when I get around to it and post it here. If i do it you should be able to add Corky and my patches in one rack. Like he said B5 is a bear to do patch management on but I’ll look at it. :grinning:


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Thank you for the Preset Mania link I haven t visited yet ! Great idea again !

That is what I guess. Thanks again. I will definitely look at your works by the future. Have a good Day.

Acoustic Samples B5 v 2.5.2 Update rack

Hi, I have reworked this rack because the updates from AS weren’t backward compatible. It is much like the previous rack but due to changes AS made to the scripting you can no longer save some parameters as select state so they will only save as entire bank. This leads to some significant problems with sharing using that preset model. I made 3 versions of the same rack with the same B5 presets. Model 1 was the entire bank style with the data saved in the preset snapshots and synced with rack states so you can call presets from song level. The problem is for 35 presets it is a whopping 197 Mbytes so it is not easily sharable and it takes a while for each preset to load. The second style I tried was a copy of the old rack using the same style of using the states to save the data of only the parameters that were changed, it was about 5 Mbytes and loaded presets very fast. It can not save organ type anymore on the new version so you can’t mix C3 with B3 patches in the same banks. The last type I made was with the new parameter sets type and it is like the states type in size and function but saves the parameter data as parameter set snapshots. It was also about 5 Mbytes in size and switches way faster than the Entire Bank type I described but a little slower than the original rack state type I am replacing. So lots of new knowledge on the various preset methods and the ups and downs of them. I am going to post the original states type replacement rack for B5 v2.5 here : It uses the 1969 C3 Model

B5 v 2.5.cantabileRack (4.7 MB)

The other version that uses the parameter sets to store the patches works a little differently. It drops in the song and you use the new rack buttons to call the GUI for B5 up and set the preset there. It saves the preset choice with the song file when you save the rack. These button features are only on the latest experimental builds after 3644.

select preset and close when done

Save rack.

Another new feature is the 2 states for the rack. One is for Single tier upper keyboard use and the Split state has a predetermined split as shown in the pic below

Both work for every parameter preset in the rack. So select one and set either single or split and save the rack. Another up side is you can share presets and banks with this type without breaking the bank! Here is that new type rack : It uses the 1968 B3 Model

AC B5 V 2.5 Organ III.cantabileRack (4.5 MB)

How to program into a C3 Song video

B5 Rack 2.5 Use.wmv.zip (448.9 KB)

This plugin is a resource hog but has a wonderful sound! I use it and B3-X all the time now with VB3 II staying in the case … Enjoy!!



Very nice Dave! I figured you were in the cobbler’s shop this evening. :grin::+1:
Love the single or split states.

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The pic is not large enough for my tastes!

Well, they are mice after all …

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Waouh ! Excellent Dave ! It works like a charm. I downloaded the first rack. No more CPU limits. Thank you for this wonderful treasure.

Maybe it would be a great idea to have a function that can save templates of binding scripts?
This way you can easily insert from the menu your favorite functions and even share them here?

Parallel Bass Amp

Was playing around with Neural DSP’s Parallax Bass Amp and thought it was a bit too metal oriented but liked the overall idea. So I constructed a rack that does something similar. This seems to be able to get more mellow while still maintaining some edginess when desired.

Might be a useful rack for those who (like me) do bass as a secondary instrument but don’t have much dedicated bass gear or plugins, and really more of an old school player just looking for dash of modern.

Uses Melda’s free suite found here and Distorque’s free Plusdistortion found here. You have to leave both Plusdistortion instances UIs open in Cantabile because they have an issue…so a bit flakey in that regard, but sounds good enough to put up with imo. (didn’t like this plug on guitar but it’s decent for this imo)

Key controls are Low Comp threshold and level, Mid Distortion amount (or bypass), High Distortion amount (or bypass), Low Pass freq and level, High Pass freq and level.

The mid-pass on Neural’s plugin is fixed, but I played with moving it a little and got some great tones, just don’t move this one very much is all.

This rack sounds good imo using OwnHammer SVT 10 IRs (not free). With my P/J I’m able to get a wide array of tones from mellow to quite edgy with tight clean lows.

bass guitar.cantabileRack (42.1 KB)

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With the aim to finally give this forum something back, I thought it might be useful for some to share some of my racks. They are basically just my favorite presets from those VST’s, nothing else fancy added.

Ps. The HammondB3 rack contains several presets shared by @Corky on the B3 blog, which I hope is ok

ArturiaPigmentsRack.cantabileRack (2.6 MB)
AASUltraAnalogRack.cantabileRack (2.1 MB)
SpectrasonicsKeyscapeRack.cantabileRack (1020.5 KB)
IKMSyntronikRack.cantabileRack (873.2 KB)
IKMPhilharmonikRack.cantabileRack (505.2 KB)
ArturiaMatrix12Rack.cantabileRack (433.2 KB)
ArturiaProphetRack.cantabileRack (321.9 KB)
ArturiaCS80Rack.cantabileRack (317.1 KB)
IKMHammondB3XRack.cantabileRack (230.0 KB)
AASChromaphoneRack.cantabileRack (227.7 KB)
CakewalkRaptureRack.cantabileRack (195.5 KB)
ArturiaJupiter8Rack.cantabileRack (115.9 KB)

Have fun with them!


Hi @BigTwisty

I don’t suppose you worked out the sysex for switching the s1-s8 lights on and off, did you?

Akai support is a little lacking…