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Chordz Changer PG CHG II.cantabileRack (61.7 KB)

UHHHH…sorry bout that. But this is the one I was using:

Chordz Changer Sequential 1 SWT.cantabileRack (66.8 KB)

Try both!!

Yep, I could ignore that missing one - not missing any more now, anyway! I just now need to figure out how to step chords with a key press. I’ll suss it!

…Yep, cracked it! I have a few changes I’ll make for my needs, but it works!

Thank you for your help and patience, my friend.

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If you want to use a single key to step chords, use the same bindings of the changer but direct it from the particular key instead of the foot pedal switch. I can hook you up tomorrow, as my bedtime has arrived (4 AM). Just tell me what key you want to use.

No problem, mate. I’ve got it all working. Much appreciated.

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Hi ! Thank you very much to Dave for this rack. This is a great gift for rock organ players like me. Your sound presets are excellent. I have 2 questions to make the Best of this rack, please :

  1. Although I have a powerful laptop PC, My CPU load is very high while I m playing… Sometimes the audio signal is cracking… Does anybody know a way to optimise it, please ?

  2. What could be the easiest way to create controls from my M Audio Oxygen 49 keyboard to move B5 Acoustic Samples virtual knobs (Leslie speed, drive, swell pedal…). I Just begin with racks in C3 and Any help Will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks by avance.

Have you tried adjusting your buffers in Tools>Options>Audio Engine?

Most people will set buffer size around 256 and sample rate is always better at 44,100Hz. Mine is at 512, but just disregard that, and experiment with what works for you. Start around 256 and adjust accordingly.

Start Here:

There are many things you can do, but amount of RAM is also important. So are the VSTs you are using. I use VSTs with the least amount of footprint. But, for instance, if you are using Diva, Omnisphere, and heavy Kontakt libraries at the same time, your CPU will certainly spike. Check out this thread:

I have an M-Audio Oxygen 49, and created a B3-X rack to use drawbars, and a few other switches I need during performance. It is all about creating bindings, but I found the Oxygen 49 very quirky in the way it uses CC#. I also use B5, and if you need help creating a rack for you Oxygen 49, PM me what you need, and I will start a rack.



Thank you so much Corky for your super fast answer. It is so Nice being helped in a minute ! Concerning Bindings, I didn t manage to link properly my M Audio Oxygen (called Keyboard 2 in my Input Ports) to B5 Dave’s rack. Out of Cantabile 3, If I open my B5 plugin, I can set easily my controls from the main pannel : i-e for contolling the swell pedal, I can open the midi prefs, then I use the learn function from the plug in, wich is a slider… But I must confess I m a bit lost for bindings when B5 is inserted as an existing linked rack in Cantabile… Could you tell me how can I control the Leslie speed from slow to fast with the sustain pedal, please ? Especially from Inputs and binding sections ? Thank ou very very very much,

Thank you for this ! Difinitely I will test it.

Sure…look at this:

Lower RH corner select midi prefs
From Acoustic Samples:
Many people use the sustain pedal as the leslie speed control. If you want to use it as a toggle, just select the “toggle rotation speed” and the rotary speed will simply be toggled everytime you press your pedal, just remember that you also need to set the Rotating Speaker Speed to 64 as well.

Change CC# to 64

Yes, cool. Thanks again, Corky. And does it mean it should work directly to the sustain pedal if I load Dave’s B5 rack in Cantabile ? Because yesterday when I tried to map his B5 rack for my Oxygen 49 from the window you captured, nothing worked. And when I proceeded to a Midi Monitor for my M Audio Oxygen 49, no controllers were shown … It seemed like a Patch problem …

I would need to revisit Dave’s rack to see. Like I said, You probably need a rack dedicated to your Oxygen. That is what I had to do, just because of the way the M-Audio made the CC# for each adjustment knob, slider, pad, and button. I struggled with it for awhile, but finally got it going. BTW, I just updated my last post to the correct info.

I will check into it. The troops are arriving :arrow_down:

Hi Janot and Corky,

The rack is set up to accept CC64 controller to switch the Leslie speed. Press down and hold for fast and release for Slow. CC11 covers the Expression pedal.


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Thanks very much Corky. It s a good starting point. Please let me know if you revisit Dave’s B5 rack to play it with an M Audio Oxygen : Sure it will help. And I m about to dig in Racks. Happy Easter by the way, from Guadeloupe where I Live.

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Couldn’t remember if you incorporated that as well.

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Hi Janot,

To check what the Oxygen is sending click on the input route in the song that has the Oxygen controller on it and right click and open the MIDI monitor. press your sustain pedal and see what message is coming into the song and going to the rack.


No sweat, thanks for pitching in, good to have your help!

What little I can do. :rofl:

The Oxygen is quite the finicky beast.

You both are on top, guys ! Let me test it back tonight, thanks to your amazing help. I will let you know, for sure.

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Wow ! I have just managed to link properly my 2 keyboards to play Dave’s rack and this is absolutely brillant ! Dave should be endorsed by Acoustic Samples to demonstrate the B5 abilities in a Rock context, which is a big lack in their Web site… I finally get more familiar with the C3 rack menu to control distortion, leslie speed, swell pedal and general volume : that is all I need, especially when the sound presets are so good. I can play the upper and lower manuals, as if I was seated in front of the real thing. :grin:

Thanks again for sharing it. This file is an amazing gold mine for Prog-rockers like me.

At the end, I came to the conclusion that my audio cracks provided from the B5 Vst limits since I noticed Dave created this rack with the version 2… After installing the B5 update 2.5 à few months ago, this is reducing the CPU average, which seemed to be very high before… But as a result I lost Dave fantastic presets…

So here is my humble request : is it an exhausting work to map Dave’s rack for the Last 2.5 update ? I am not expert enough to realise… Sure it would be very helpful.

Keep on rocking & thanks again, anyway. This Cantabile community is a great discover.


If you would like some B5 presets, I posted several here:

You will have to scroll down to get the presets which I post occasionally. More to come.

BTW, B5 is notorious to update. It starts with a clean slate, but UVI saves all your versions. That’s why I love Brad’s Preset models. All is explained in the link I posted above.

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