C# Jacobi Vst2.Net Library compatibility issue

Dear all,
I’m trying to create a small vst for my particular midi manipulation needs.
Knowing how to program (a bit) in c# I relied on this Vst2 .Net library GitHub - obiwanjacobi/vst.net: Virtual Studio Technology (VST) for .NET. Plugins and Host applications.
I had no success with the midi template (the dll is generated but it is not loaded from any host with errors) and therefore I tried to compile the samples attached to the source.
I used vs2019 and .net6 which don’t go so well together (it says that the framework is not supported, but then it compiles and it seems that the outputs are correct and working), but trying to add the MidiNoteMapper example to Cantabile I always get a crash.

I tried with another host (Carla) and the plugin loads and shows the GUI.

I attach the zip with the compiled vst…
Thank you

Jacobi.Vst.Samples.MidiNoteMapper.Sample.zip (685.6 KB)

If you’re just trying to solve a specific MIDI problem, I’d suggest to use ReaJS (part of the ReaPlugs suite) - a free plugin that allows you to run scripts to process audio and MIDI. The scripting language takes some getting used to, but there are a number of examples (in the plugin’s MIDI folder) you can use to learn how to process MIDI.

I use this all the time with Cantabile to solve some basic MIDI manipulation issues like e.g. CC value smoothing, and it works without a hitch.

Maybe easier to focus on the actual MIDI processing than having to deal with the whole VST framework…




Hi @Torsten
thanks for your advise.
I will definitely try to understand how ReaJS works, I need to suppress NoteOn events that didn’t have a NoteOff, I hope there is something that works for me.

However, I would like to understand the problem concerning Vst2 .net because in the future I would like to create a completely custom plugin that rearranges and repositions the vst windows according to the Program change and gives me graphic feedback on some synthesis settings of the current song…

There is also some issue with AudioPlugSharp.

The examples cannot be load into Cantabile…

00129133 0 [20620:2]: Processing discovered plugin file #81 - C:\AudioPlugSharp\E1\SimpleExampleBridge.vst3
00129162 29 [20620:2]: Loading VST-MA module C:\AudioPlugSharp\E1\SimpleExampleBridge.vst3
00129167 5 [20620:2]: Creating factory
00129168 1 ! [20620:0]: Error during plugin scan
System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): External component has thrown an exception.
at #=z6JNIScoHdDT517uOwlqWO1o=.#=z7arcIznf_i4J5sQlYUxppFvFbAo4(String #=z_rqEFl0=, #=zAMcbMrSx2SowkLDIcucLrUhMILLu #=z9Y5w744=)
at #=zLYhsHnALfwYUCP3jL8AgiJwDa43F.#=zbr5OHiStHZKci9ceIg==(String #=zjePfUwA=, #=zAMcbMrSx2SowkLDIcucLrUhMILLu #=z9Y5w744=)
at #=z7Cn4e8Yyil$Y6uvoOhnZuXRStBPc.#=zpU57j1_loezG(FileInfo #=zbXnYH0M=)

Trying to go at your problem from a different angle; Cantabile is normally pretty good at tracking leftover NoteOns, is there a reason why that’s not working for you? Can you describe your routing setup and when you encounter the problem?

Hi SanderXpander,
I think that there is a bug in JamStix VST. It’s something about timing.
You can find my issue here.

It seems that JamStix render notes in the next bar first beat, also if there is a loop (so it render next bar first beat incorrectly and also the right first bar beat of the right loop drum part).
It is not systematic, but random, in some cases very frequent, in others less so, but very annoying in terms of sound when it happens (you hear two kicks almost overlapping).
Is not an issue releated with Cantabile or routing.

I think it’s an internal Cantabile thing that only @brad can check and fix.

Hi @ClaudioCas,

If you can email me with everything I need to reproduce this I’ll check it out. I’ll need details on which version of the plugin, where to download it along with instructions on how to reproduce - ideally a Cantabile song file and any other required media files.


Thanks a lot @Brad, I sent you an email with details.