Bypassing VST's with midi

Hi, I’m using Cantabile lite as an audio vst host. As a guitarist I’m running a virtual signal chain just like I would with my real amps and effects. I’m blown away by the complexity of what I can replicate with VST’s. I just want to confirm if it’s possible to bypass each vst via midi? I want to buy a USB MIDI foot controller but need to know if it’s possible before wasting my money. I did a search and the word ‘binders’ cropped up a bit. Is that how you assign midi to bypass each plugin?
Thanks in advance.

I bought a Behringer FCB1010. On that device you can program pedals as generators of MIDI commands like Control Change.
These are perfect to drive with bindings in Cantabile actions that you can program.
I use them for switching songs in setlist, switching states in songs, reset audio engine (an emergency for buggy keyboard controllers).
I use it also for start and stop of midi files.
You can use the same to switch rack states where you can drive your vst behaviour

Thanks for the reply. So after doing more reading binders seem only available in the upper products not the free version yes?

Yes the Bindings feature is only available in the paid versions. In the weekly Monday webinar on Solo (less expensive paid version) hosted by Terry Britton this past Monday we covered a way to bypass groups of VST’s by turning off their input routes. Roland FC-300 or Behringer FCB10101 are popular choices for Cantabile users

In a sense one could consider it a “bypass” to send a program change to a non-existent or purposely silent patch in a VST. That would effectively mute it. So would sending it a CC7 (volume) with a value of zero, of course. The lite version is crazy powerful!!! :wink:

Also, look into the MIDI-Learn capabilities of the VST.


I’m a guitarist using Cantabile Solo, and Solo is a great way to go for the use-case you described. Cheaper than a decent stompbox and infinitely more useful! :wink: I’m calling it the best $$ spent in a long time and expect you will too! With Solo its very easy to replicate even the most complex of switched FX loops that would cost big $$ for the hardware switcher, not to mention the FX themsleves. And I say this as someone still using tube amps instead of sims.