Bypass unloaded plugins

I’m currently in my bi-yearly “update Cantabile and lock myself in a room for 3 days to make use of all the new features” phase. While updating my instrument rack presets I’ve stumbled across this issue:

It seems like it’s not possible to bypass unloaded plugins. Is this normal? If yes, are there any obvious drawbacks or technical limitations that prevent this? I’m trying to set up a pre-configured FX chain where most of the plugins are unloaded by default to optimize loading times. I would like to to just enable and un-bypass an effect to add it to the signal chain.

By the way: I really like the new binding system. Creating bindings is so easy and enjoyable now. I completely rebuilt my background rack just to have an excuse to play with the new dialog :).

The problem here is not the bypassing, it’s that when a plugin is unloaded all routes to/from it are also disabled - so the audio’s not reaching the plugin for it to be bypassed. Let me have a think about this maybe I can tweak it to keep the routes alive if the plugin is bypassed. In the meantime, the best option is to set the plugin to suspended - that’ll keep the routes alive but the plugin won’t be processing anything.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this. Setting the plugins to suspended is not great because I want to avoid loading 3-4 unneeded effect plugins for each instrument rack in each song when I preload a big set list. For now I will just manually bypass the plugins by setting the routes accordingly.

Hi @Thijon

Thanks for the additional information. It makes sense to be able to bypass an unloaded plugin but I’ll need to look into what’s involved - it may not be trivial and needs to be done in a way that doesn’t affect other setups.

Logged it here.


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