Bypass doesn't work, just get silence

Was using the free version; now using the solo version Using in an audio production environment for interviews mainly… Many, though not all, plugins merely go silent when bypassed instead of passing audio untouched as expected. Perhaps I am missing something basic, but I cannot seem to solve this or find where others discuss it. Happens with various different plugin manufacturers, with VST2 and VST 3. Certain plugins bypass just fine, though.

Can you provide a couple of plugs names/versions that don’t work?


  1. Vitamin Mono by Waves, version, VST3 instance

  2. Bark of Dog 2 by Boz Digital, version not indicated in plugin information, VST3 instance

  3. Clarity Vx Pro Mono by Waves, version, VST2 instance

  4. Clarity Vx Mono by Waves, version VST2 instance

There may be other plugins I own that present the “silent bypass” problem, but those are the ones I am using at the moment.

Thank you for responding!

The only one of those I have is Clarity and I can confirm that the VST2 mono version goes silent on bypass whereas the VST3 version works as expected.

I also tried Waves Ovox and both mono versions go silent upon bypass.

This was in both C3 final build and C4 most current build.

Without digging more it seems related to mono plugins. Do you have any stereo that are doing it?