Buttons in the live mode showing rack states


Hi guys,

I’ve put together a song for ‘general’ use, a set of common sounds for gigs that I don’t necessarily have any sort of song list going in, all selected using the pads on my controller keyboard. It’s working great but I wondered if it’s possible to show the current state of a rack (as opposed to the song) on one of the buttons in live mode? It would be exceptionally useful to do so.




Hi Pierce,

Unfortunately the environment variables currently only allow access to the current song state. I’ve logged it here and curious if anyone else would find this useful.



I do something similar for open mic’s. I have the 8 drum pads on the Axiom bound to a linked rack called Open Mic with states for B3, epiano, piano, moog, strings, horns, combo and clavinet. I have a button that shows “Part N of N” (ie Part 5 of 9) and below is the name

I’m not clear how the variables will work with Live Mode but would like to learn more


Yes, that would be a great solution if I was using song states to switch between sounds but I’m not, I’m using rack states…