Button / Send Note Problem

I tested to Send a Midi Note from Cantabile Button but there is a little Problem…
Cantabile is sending a transposed note from this button when Transpose is active.

…is there a way to ignore transpose settings for this case?

Hi @Juergen,

Will need some more information, but sounds like the button is configured to send through a MIDI route. Depending on what else that route is handling there may or may not be a simple fix (just turn on Ignore transpose for that route).

Another option might be to actually send the note using a binding bound to the button (rather than send the note directly from the button).


Hi Brad …ok thanks…it makes click in my head… the route from OnscreenKeyboard to my LigthSoftware…OK

…sometimes it is to much for me

Lightsoftware, MIDI, routes, ports, states …behavior…timings… puhhhhh


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