But seriously, what do you guys play?


Haven’t had it requested in awhile…pulled it out a few weeks ago…still a big crowd pleaser. While other songs finally faded away, this one still hangs on for dear life. :smirk:


Oh, you mean like …

Hands to Yourself
Brown eyed Girl
Free Bird
Tore Down
Hey Joe

etc … Wilson had company where I live


Back in the 80s in the midwest the songs we hated the most but every band had to do were-

Brown Eyed Girl
Born To Be Wild
China Grove (for some reason)
Purple Haze

One song EVERYONE was sick of was Free Bird. People would throw rocks if you actually tried to play it.


Y’all are forgetting :

Wonderful Tonight
Sweet Home Alabama
All Along The Watch Tower


‘Long Train Running’ here (for some reason)


I still waiting to hear the first accurate of that growling organ beast :blush:

Ow and don’t forget Jump. The song that 9/10 synth man play with a wrong sound :zipper_mouth_face::joy::blush:


Have my own preset of it in B-3X…I hear it when I wanna. :wink:

Listen To The Music (for the same reason)


We just take Mustang Sally and go crazy with it. I jump up a couple of registers at one point… guitarist goes nuts with the solo… we have one loyal fan named Pam who loves that song so I sing at least a couple choruses of Mustang Pammy.


Ow yeah man! This is the first emulation that sounds as a real organ! Goosebumps!
Come-on man let us hear that easy rider!


Soon to come !! Shall I rev my Harley too.


Ugh, Wonderful Tonight. Forgot that one, I even had to sing it.

I don’t know what Goldy played through on B2BW but it must have been a weird Leslie. It almost sounds like it could be drum only, or miced way closer to the bottom than the top.


Oh, check this out from his Wiki page:

“I was classically trained. I played on a Lowrey”. This eventually gave songs such as “Born to be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride” their unique sound.

That’s wild, never would have guessed that. Still has to be a Leslie though.
Ah, NAILED IT! lol Here’s some other guy (and we’ll assume he knew what he was talking about :smiley: )

“Damn straight. He blew the tweeter in his original Leslie and that’s a big part of the sound of that lowery and Leslie sound. He replaced the Leslie and hated the sound, so he disconnected the tweeter. Other organists love the spinning tweeter, but Goldy’s sound was all lower rotor cranked. That’s why his sound was almost a pulse instead of a swirl like Rolie or Allman.”


Two explanations:

The one I always heard was loose belt on the Leslie drum.

The one I recently read:

From one of the sound guys in the studio recording B2BW…the Leslie they were using had a busted horn speaker, and it was terrible. So they bypassed the crossover to get higher frequencies into the drum. Full spectrum frequencies in the drum, and disabled the horn.

I believe the 1st one, and maybe the 2nd.

Ahh…you write much faster than me.


Aha- bypassing the crossover makes total sense because clearly there are high frequencies in his sound but it does sound all drum and no horn rotor. My 1st M3 organ came with a Leslie that had a single 15" speaker firing forward into a styrofoam drum. I don’t remember the model number but it was supposedly made for guitar players. I hated it and managed to get a 147 pretty quickly but it did have the kind of sound that Goldy got.

And AGAIN every thread becomes an organ thread LD


Could it have been a 125?

And the problem with that is…?

No matter. I am the OP. :laughing:


No, the speaker fired forward and the drum was mounted vertically.

Aha- found it. A Model 16, which is apparently the same as a Fender Vibratone. This would be your Steppenwolf organ sound NAILED.


Very cool. I saw one of those in a studio somewhere, long ago. Never heard it. It would do the trick!
I remember a local player using something similar with a Porta-B. It may have been a 16. I was more struck with the Porta-B at the time to investigate further.


I think we have all played the same stuff at some point. Mustang Sally, Pretty Woman, Black Magic Woman, Proud Mary, Hard to Handle, Midnight Hour, Jonnie B Goode, etc. The first band i was ever in did all of this “cheese” and then some. But it taught me to play in a band and I had a lot of fun, but always preferred the rockier numbers. But in the final years of the band, the direction of travel was more towards the cheese which the singer and the drummer loved, and it was mainly their band. The last straw was in 2005 when the only song we learnt was the Peter Kaye Amarillo cover (Armadillo I called it). That was when I knew I had to get out and do some proper music! Fortunately the new guitar player we had was also into Floyd and prog …


Funny thing…this cheese was the bomb in it’s day. :wink:

The other funny thing…these classics still endure 55 yrs later. And, it’s not just the ones we are sick of playing. It is the hundreds that were written in that short decade.
How many new songs of the last 20 yrs have such lasting qualities?


The keyboard player in a band I play bass in wanted to perform “Bad Guy”. I listened to and liked the production but there’s nothing to cover :neutral_face: