Building a new rig -- RAM thoughts


If one is good, then 3 must be even better! :grinning:

SSD 1 does the OS. I use the one in the laptop @250G, and my new rig is the same size … but upgraded to an M.2 format on the new mobo.
SSD 2 does all the third party programs (applications) outside the OS @500G
SSD 3 does all the content and libraries @ 1T


Please note that M.2 doesn’t mean faster SSD automatically. There are only very few M.2 SSDs that have a higher speed (like Samsung 960 / 970 series).


Whew … then I guess it’s good thing I bought the 970 series! :grinning:

I research things to death prior to making decisions. Even after that, I doubt myself and continue to question whether I’m doing the right thing. (Hence, this discussion)

SSD 2 and 3 are also Samsung 2.5 style USB 3.0 drives … as is the Samsung Ultrabook laptop upon which I type this reply.


You will be able to run Far Cry 5 while performing with Cantabile :wink:


Yeah guys … hang on – I’ll change chords in a second … I just have to kill this thingy here first!


When I first started using a laptop on stage (10 + yrs ago ), my fellow musicians, and sound people would ask “what’s the computer for”, and I would usually answer, “I like shopping online between songs”. It still amazes many musicians what I can do, and the great sounds I can pull up immediately with the touch of a controller switch. I have several musicians using Cantabile now, and help them whenever a question arises (sometimes beyond my knowledge, many thanks C3 gurus :wink:). Others are curious about this whole computer thing, but “old school” state of mind rejects anything new. I, for some reason, embraced it all, and never looked back.


I took Brad’s offer and upgraded to “Performer” this morning. Part of the reason for the new build is to stabilize everything. But the options are limited only by performance issues. I’ve used plugs with wild abandon in my studio (different rig), but am NOW just upgrading the live rig – for similar capability.


I thought I should be able to get by with Solo just loading up the bunch of VST plugins I run. Then I realized I needed linked racks and upgraded to Performer. Since then everything has been much easier. If there is a solution mentioned here on the forum you can just go ahead in implement it.


As a new user to morning upgrade, I’ve a question: Can I envision “linked racks” as a “master rack” that I can pick and choose “pieces” from on a “per song” basis?

As such, “load, set, and forget”?

… and still can add “song unique” attributes needed to be executed?


You might want wrap your head around this before you take the plunge. I was clueless before I started using the guides and videos on the support page. You can configure so many things in so many ways. Many here finally settle into a personally comfortable setup that works best for them. From Brad’s guide:


Racks can either Embedded or Linked:

* Embedded Racks are saved as part of the parent song and can’t be shared across songs (although they can be exported and re-imported into other songs)
* Linked Racks are saved in a separate .cantabileRack file and can be shared across multiple songs. They provide the ability to share plugin instances across multiple songs making song switching faster.

Linked racks are only supported in Cantabile Performer.

I will setup, say a piano rack. It has maybe 3 different pianos I drop it into a song, and choose which piano I want for this song. When I load the song, there is the piano I chose. I drop the same rack into another song, use a different piano, and is there when I load the song. The rack is only loaded once, but is available for other songs. Doesn’t need to load again. This example is just a basic, simple one. It becomes amazing when you delve even deeper.


Excellent info, C. I’ve already taken the plunge, so point is moot. I did it because I believe there were “non plug in” midi benefits associated with the upgrade, and I will be exploring future options accordingly.

I’m just getting back into doing this stuff live, after many years raising kids, and having to keep my musical inclinations to project studio level.

I’m having fun nosing back into it … and learning what I need to know.


Yeah I knew you upgraded, was talking about plunging into racks. :wink:

I made the big mistake of NOT learning about racks before I plunged into my setup. I had to start all over after creating 60 songs. :tired_face:

Once I started understanding, I was flinging racks everywhere. The guides really helped me, but I also did (and still do) many searches on the forum to see what everybody else has done with their rigs. There are some really knowledgeable, nice, helpful, people on this forum. Don’t know what we would do without them. I owe them so much now that my credit report has dropped 50 points.


Ha! Well, that just makes sense lol … I totally misinterpreted the reference. Now I get it.

I will do the reading ahead of time, but my 40 or so songfiles already exist.

I just ran into a slight roadblock, though, on the upgrade. I’m used to being able to swap hard drives seamlessly w/ Windows – up until now. My intent was to move my entire software system off my laptop, and install it on the new rig.

At issue? Win 10 now “marries” hardware to the OS, and they’ve made it exceedingly difficult to transfer the OS from one device to the next – which means – that if I cannot figure out how to force the swap, I’ll have to reload every stick of software (including NI’s Ultimate) onto the new rig again. I’m JUST not looking forward to the hours of having to do that.

I get WHY MS did that, but GRRRRRR nonetheless.


It was probably already said, but RAM is only part of the equation. It is matching throughput of RAM, CPU, Audio interface and driver.

Multi sampled instruments kill RAM, granular and some wavetable synths kill CPU, ASIO4ALL vs actual driver may make a difference.

Like Corky, I hang around modeled VSTs, mostly. All of Waves synths (Element 2.0, Codex etc. ) are either a) programmed so poorly as to overuse the CPU or b) Have such dismal quality that I would never embarrass myself on stage with such.

Regarding racks, i don’t think keyboardists attract many groupies.


Good thoughts, H.

I’ve been w/ my girl for over 40 years. We met at 20. I got lucky, I guess. Only groupie I ever had, and she’s still around. :smiley:


Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman got plenty of groupies Probably Greg Allman and Jon Lord too. :smiley: Not so sure about the rest. I will say back in the decadent 80s the girls that were into me were almost certainly the most… interesting ones…


Yeah…remember the thread of “Good, Bad, and Ugly” about a year ago? We were all voicing how bad some plugins were on resources. I really like many of the Arturia plugs, but they don’t play well with my laptop. But, recently, I went back to Arturia Analog Lab…great on resources, less programming capabilities. At least I get to use some good Prophet 5 presets.

Well hell…I certainly had my share, and I’m an ugly muh. :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face: :rocket::dagger::arrow_up::golf::fork_and_knife::oden::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::carrot:

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My God that was funny! People can hear me laughing in my office!

Oh, and I should be working right now.


Sorry…couldn’t help myself. I did enjoy my own humor when picking out all those emojis.


I just visited the website. I have found another financial black hole. I want all those synths. $500. The Vox and Farfisa sound amazing. These are low RAM use as they are modeled instruments.

Blue 3 has replaced my beloved VB3 becuase of you, and now my classic synths are on the chopping block for Arturia.