Build 4163 messes up window management

Hey @brad - not sure what you have done in 4163, but on my system, it messes massively with the display of Cantabile.

  • resizing the Window doesn’t work at all - Cantabile display freezing and flickering for 5-10 seconds, then window remaining at its old size
  • when opening Preferences, main Cantabile window turns completely grey, freezing for 5-10 seconds, then re-appears. In that time, Cantabile is un-responsive. Doesn’t always happen, but just sometimes.

Reverting to 4162 - no more resizing issues.

Looks like the sizing and positioning fixes made in 4163 have some nasty side-effects…



Here’s another one … but not sure it’s the v4.163 upgrade:

Cantabile is maximized (but not full-screen) I double click on the title bar to de-maximize, and get:

It does eventually stop (12ish seconds) and I can double-click again on the title and return to maximized.

yup - similar behavior here…

Rolling back to 4.161 … I assume that’s as easy as running the install EXE? (I’ve never actually rolled back a Cantabile version before)

Similarly here…when I load a song within a pre-loaded setlist, the whole Cantabile screen goes black and my mouse pointer goes into spinning wait mode. It eventually recovers and resumes normal service 20 or so seconds later. Reverting.

Sorry, guys, that may be my fault, @brad was fixing something for me and it seems it’s messed up other stuff…


exactly, just run the installer for the previous version.

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Hey Guys,

Sorry about this and thanks for reporting. I’ve been testing here but can’t reproduce any issues. Weird.

In the meantime I’ve retracted the build until I can figure it out.


OK, I think I might have reproduced a much milder version of what you guys were seeing.

If someone who was having the extreme version of this issue, please give this a test and let me know:

(and if it’s still happening, just rollback to 4162 again)


Hi @brad,

With 4164, resizing the Cantabile window works again. There is still a bit of funniness when opening the Options window - the windows shows, then flashes white, then builds correctly.

Thanks Torsten, glad it’s working again.

Regarding the white flash in the options Window, I noticed that too. It’s a side effect of another change I made to reduce flicker when resizing windows. If you compare 4162 to 4164 when resizing the main window you’ll see what I mean. Not exactly sure why the options window is flashing white, but I decided I prefer that to the resizing flicker.


Hi @Brad,

I’m on build 4164 and before 4163.

Perception is funny, I did not notice the white flash before, but now that I see it, I cannot not see it. It also happens when you open Cantabile and on the Save As dialog as well.

Good luck, John

As long as it’s not an indication of something going wrong, I can live with it. Just feels funky and a bit “un-finished”…

Flickering is cured by 4.164.
Order is restored.
All is right with the World.

I’ll take a closer look at it and see if I can figure out where it’s coming from.

I’m pretty sure Cantabile never actually renders a white background so it must be coming from a WNDCLASS hbrBackground or something similar. I wonder if it could also just be that Windows desktop compositor just uses white if the window is slow to draw.