Build 3694 and Windows 11

For the curious - have been using Cantabile 3 Performer in Windows 11 on a new Dell laptop for a couple of months now. So far I don’t believe I have run into any major issues that stem from running Windows 11, per se, but of course it’s hard to tell. Some things seem to have resolved themselves over the course of standard driver updates and my mission to remove all bloatware. Some things may be just from this specific hardware or plugins. Issues I have had:

  • Driver Issues - Weirdness with ASIO for Realtek drivers. It really did not like having ASIO4ALL also installed. Windows just doesn’t always play nice with sharing audio devices. No issues whatsoever using my interface (UA Volt 1).
    Solution: Uh…just play around with it I guess

  • WebUI - Cantabile is only able to start the local server if run as administrator, which adds the annoying extra “Do you want to allow this program to make changes…” popup every time you start it. I was not able to create a firewall exception that worked. There is probably a way to do it, but as a layman I couldn’t find it.
    Solution: I created two shortcuts - one to run normally and one to run as administrator for gigs.

  • Issues with BlueArp 2.3.8 - VST3 loads and works fine, but gives a data format error the next time it loads. I suspect this is a problem with my specific install.
    Solution: The legacy VST2 version works just fine.

  • Issues with Roland Cloud instruments (Zenology mostly) - Gets real cranky about working offline, freezing and crashing or just taking forever to load. This is a Roland problem also present for me in Windows 10. The Roland Cloud Manager is godawful and thinks it’s funny to just delete the whole Zenology plugin for no reason and then pretend it’s still there.
    Solution: Pre-Load the set and never update the Zenology FX plugin no matter how many times it tells you there’s a new version.

So, in conclusion - just seems like normal new computer teething things so far. Can’t guarantee you’ll have the same experience, of course, but it’s some anecdotal information for you if you’re making operating system decisions.

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Go to Settings, search for UAC.


Start Change User Account Control settings, the set it to Never notifty


Yeah - I considered that, but I don’t want to disable it across the board. There’s no easy way to turn it off just for one program, unfortunately.

I also am running Windows 11.

Roland Cloud for me keeps insisting on updating Jupiter-X Editor, which isn’t even installed. I finally gave up and installed it anyway. (I do not own a Jupiter-X keyboard.) It also removes Zenology at random intervals for me. And it is a total hog. Even though I have a new processor and needn’t worry about it as much anymore, it still pisses me off. I’ve uninstalled everything Roland, even my “Lifetime License” Jupiter 8 and System 8, and cancelled my subscription. No Roland plugins work in Digital Performer - my main DAW - anyway.

I think any VST3 issues are going to be on the developer’s end. Nobody seems to really know how to steer that boat yet. (Except the authors of the free “Surge” plugin!)

As to driver issues, I have one in Windows 11 coming from my two Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards - an S-88 mk1 and an S-49 mk2 - which in MOTU Digital Performer cannot co-exist anymore under Windows 11. They can elsewhere in other standalone hosts like Cantabile 3, Unify and Maschine, so this is a MOTU problem and they are aware of it. Still, an unexpected thing to crop up from using Windows 11.

I guess there are still many gremlins that will slowly iron themselves out.

I too didn’t have much luck with the Realtek ASIO driver, but you pointed me in a direction to investigate. I also use Samplitude Pro X 6 and it installs its version of ASIO4ALL they call “MAGIX Low Latency 2016,” which is beyond a shadow of a doubt ASIO4ALL rebranded. I will see if I can remove it - I have NEVER used it!


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And it is a total hog. Even though I have a new processor and needn’t worry about it as much anymore, it still pisses me off.

Same. I tried the Juno and the D-50 plugins, same thing. Low memory impact, but ridiculous time loading. I basically just use it for Zenology now. It’s…better…enough. I can run 3 or 4 instances with a few other VSTs without much trouble. It’s useful enough to me that I’ll put up with the other stupidity. But just, like, barely.

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It is sad that even Roland’s sample players are such dogs. They should be ashamed of themselves.

But back to the subject of Windows 11 quirks - I cannot even find Magix Low Latency 2016 anywhere to remove it! WHAT!!! (It appears in Cantabile and others’ drop down lists…)


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I still have the original Pro-X and they were “appropriating” ASIO4ALL even then. How are you liking Pro X 6? I tried the demo and it still had a couple of issues from the Pro X days so I passed on it so far.

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Check: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MAGIX Services\System (Pro-X location, but maybe its the same in v6…)

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Hey @terrybritton,

When I have that problem I use the Windows registry editor (RegEdit.exe) and search for the crap I need to delete. Just be sure you do a back up before you begin so you can restore it if you need to. :grin:


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Found mgxasio4.dll and renamed it to mgxasio4.dllold so it can’t find it. That might fix it, or I may need to dive into the registry. Thanks for the lead! I keep forgetting to check Common Files.

I like Samplitude quite a bit, and use it primarily for mixing and mastering, but have started tracking more often in it also, as it has a great suite of tools! I’ve been using Samplitude since the 24/96 version in the late '90s.


The 24/96 demo was my first DAW experience! I was licensed on Samplitude from v6 to Pro-X and then got away from music for over a decade. When I got back into it I tried Pro-X 5 and Reaper and ended up going with Reaper. It looks to me that Samp influenced Reaper’s design quite a bit. Objects are there, and they even support their own plugins as well as a decent crossfade editor. Of course the UI is quite a bit different, but I can do all of the same things with objects. I was pretty surprised after working with it that it doesn’t feel like a step backwards at all except for the bundled plugins. Fortunately I have Melodyne Studio and “good enough” things that equate to the other bundled items. I’m keeping Pro-X around for the spectral editing and mastering.

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I just made the jump from Pro X 4 Suite to 6 Suite, and I am glad I waited. They have been on a bug squashing and feature adding binge at Magix, and 6 is definitely the best version they’ve ever had. Reaper is still in my sights, but I already have Samp, plus Digital Performer 11.04 that I use daily, with Ableton Lite and Harrison Mixbus 32c sitting in the wings. Samplitude is getting more use from me on the MIDI & VSTi realm with this version 6 now.