Build 3627 issues with Roland Cloud (well D-50 at least)


Hi guys (@brad) particularly…

I have just been playing with the latest stable build. Loading my Roland Cloud D-50 is fine but when I go to the patch load screen, the GUI for the plugin and cantabile completely freezes and I have to go to task manager to shut it down. I thought it may be a VST3 issue as that was the version I was using, but it happens with the VST2 version too.

I’ve reverted to 3590 and it’s back to normal (without the VST3 support obviously)

I can’t send any crash logs @brad I’m afraid, because there aren’t any being generated.

Just thought I’d put this out there.

Cheers, as always.



Hi @Toaster,

Thanks for reporting… I’ll have to look into this to figure out what’s going on. Probably won’t get to it until next week (got a bunch of stuff going on atm).



Hmm, I just tried D-50 (VST2) with build 3627 - loaded fine, but popped up the authorization dialog (a pain). I duly entered my password, and D-50 showed up. But it froze, and I had to kill Cantabile in the task manager.

Restarted Cantabile, and D-50 works fine now - all screens and menus work nicely.

Could it be an authorization issue?




It could have been @Torsten, but I restarted Cantabile and it was still happening… I’ve gone back to 3590 on my home machine now, because it’s still compatible with the version on my live laptop and I don’t want to update that to the latest version if there’s issues…

Cheers as always for the help!