Build 3608 won't open


Just installed 3608. When I try to open it, the computer thinks for a few seconds, then nothing. Thought it might be the shortcut, but I went directly it the exe file in the Top Ten Software Folder and the same thing. Went back to 3607 and everything works fine.

Cantabile lite
Windows 7

I use lite on this computer, and the pro version on my other computers. I have not tested on the other computers yet.

  • Paul


Same scenario on x64, Cantabile Pro, Windows 7

Kind regards


Hi Guys,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve reproduced this now and looking into it. Seems to only happen on Windows 7.



Totally my bad. Fixed in 3609 available now.


Thanks. Works great now.


Gigged with 3609 last night. Worked Perfectly !!