Build 3583 not sending MIDI to output port

Last night before rehearsal I updated Cantabile to 3583, and song-on-load bindings were not sending PCs or CCs out my second MIDI port. MIDI monitor confirmed that it was only sending PC/CCs out the first MIDI port. I didn’t have time to do any diagnostics, as not only where we rehearsing but we were also auditioning a new guitarist. I rolled backed to 3582 and everything seemed to work without a problem.

I’m not saying this is a bug (I didn’t test it enough to eliminate my configuration), I’m more wondering if anyone else has run into a problem with 3583 sending MIDI PC/CCs?

Not that it matters, but I re-installed 3583 today and had no problems at all. I think the issue might’ve been due to making too many changes at once and I boogered something up in the process.

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Story of my life…