Build 3541 - Performance Profiler and more

Hey All,

This toook longer than expected to get out (a crashed hard drive didn’t help), but it’s finally done. New features include:

  • Performance Profiler
  • Automatic Windows Power Plan Switching
  • Double Buffered Audio
  • Audio Port Trimming
  • Some more metrics in the monitor panel
  • Bug fixes and tweaks

Download Here or Read The Blog Post and Watch Video Demos Here.



Great work, Brad. Will try it out tonight.

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Hi, Brad

The profiler is great and really useful.

I have a track that is heavy on plugins and it was running near max load (on 3532), but it doesn’t appear to be so high now. Have you optimised anything?

But it allowed me to play about, and, playing a whole load of tonal clusters, I got overload, and was able to go into the history and see which one caused it, as I have a few layered up. It was a particular instance of Viper, normally at 13% going up to 75%.

So a fantastic tool for seeing what happens.

Out of interest, how much additional load do you think the profiler adds?

Kudos for putting this in. If it’s any consolation, I have a user of my sy.factory (SY77/SY99) librarian with some very strange MIDI problems that I cannot replicate, so I have spent the last few nights adding in extra logging to log the MIDI messages as they enter the software! :slight_smile: It’s the sort of thing that is a pain to do, but I decided to build it as a permanent feature that a user can turn on, and once done it is invaluable in supporting users.

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Same here with the appreciation of this, I used Diva to test it in Divine mode and it definitely got pick out quickly as the bad boy when run with two or three other plugs. Thanks @brad!


What a great tool! Thanks Brad

One small problem


My time button is not keeping time anymore… I loaded C3, three times now. It shows correct time at load, but hangs there. It is now 3:30 on my computer, but still 3:22 on C3.

On the other hand, the profiler is keeping correct time.

Well spotted. My bad. Fixed in 3542.

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Thanks Brad. Works just fine.

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Great job Brad!

It will be very usefull!