Build 3209 usability changes

In build 3209, I notice selections in the setlist and song parts list come up with an oddly bright, hard to read colour combination. Is it just me?


Looks alright for me:

(also build 3209)

It’s ok here, running Win7 X64, no problems …

Ah, false alarm…I had been using my own modified theme, and hadn’t merged all the new stuff into it from the new theme files. Correct colouring now :relaxed:

I’ve found a genuine issue though - if I have “Show Environment Audio and MIDI ports in Racks” disabled in the options, any routes I have from such hidden ports show up with different names, and as invalid bindings - at least in the background rack (haven’t seen this yet in a “normal” rack):

I’m guessing these should still work fine if you use them, regardless of whether they’re shown/hidden.


Yea, it looks like they are preserved in case you turn them back on. Are they valid after you re-enable the Show Environment Audio and MIDI ports in Racks function?

Yes, they revert to their original names, and start working again.

Maybe this behavior could be cleaned up by foldering the invalid bindings to compress the view. Thanks for the look-see Neil.

I’m getting the ugly colors, too. But I don’t think I’m using the default settings. And it seems somewhat random–not always what is selected.

@Neil_Durant I was using your DarkNeil theme! That theme must hit a glitch in 3209. (1.9 MB)

Ah, I didn’t realise anyone was using my theme! Here’s a working updated version - rename to Neil.theme and put it where your other themes are.


I didn’t realize I was using it either (thus the withdrawn posts). Thanks

Hi Neil,

Ah sorry I should have mentioned about the theme changes. As for the bindings panel, that’s a bug - I’ll look into it. In the meantime just reenable the ports and they should work as before.


Indeed they do - thanks.