Build 3209 dosen't initially display "show notes" image


Just tried upgrade on laptop for gigs and noticed right away my show notes “Links” to jpegs were gone for all songs. Regular entry text was fine. Anyone else have this issue? Rolled back to 3208 it’s ok.

Strange, links to images in show notes appear to work fine for me in 3209, although I’m using PNG rather than JPG (which presumably shouldn’t make any difference).

Could it be win 7 vs win 10 issue?

More info …

When a new song is loaded there is no display of show notes jpg links, but after selecting Live Mode" the jpg displays.

If in live mode with set list loaded, if you change songs you lose the image until you toggle Live Mode on and off, this returns the image.

I’m guessing this is related to a recent change where images shown in show notes were getting closed correctly. So the file is getting opened/loaded in a slightly different way now and my guess would be some sort of file permissions error.

Any chance you’re loading these of a network share or some other remote/disconnected device?


Hey Brad,

No, I don’t have any network, all local.


OK, thanks Dave. I’ll check it out. See comment on Neil’s post for the same problem.

Same here, just local files on drive C: