Build 3153 issues

Hmmm…have we lost Ctrl-S for Save Song in the latest build?


Hey Neil,

There’s a new version 3154 on site and after I installed it was the same way. I just reset the defaults on the hotkeys and that corrected it. I think when we got the “Save All” feature this happened.


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well crap. I just finished building a very complex song with 8 states, 6 instruments and 2 media players. I had been hitting control + s all along apparently to no avail. Cantabile crashed and I lost everything…I guess that’s why they’re called “experimental” builds

Thanks dave_dore, that worked for me too. Sorry to hear about losing your work, LeesKeys :frowning:

Hi @dave_dore and @Neil_Durant

Damn. Sorry about this - completely my fault.

I changed the internal command name which broke the default shortcut key and I meant to put something in to map it and forgot.

Reset default Keys is the easiest fix.