Bug with mediaplayer playing midi files

Hi there!
Just found out, that almost all of my songs which i created via my “monster template song” have some bug with playing back midi files. When i turn on the midi monitor, all I see are note off’s. The note on’s are missing. So when i add a fresh new mediaplayer in that song with the exact same midi file, everything is working :astonished:
Might that be a bug? :wink:

Hi @Siggin0er

This sounds like a problem with the route entering a blocking state but I’ve not heard any other reports of this.

  • Does this happen immediately after opening the song or only after changing states?
  • Do you have any states that disable the output route on the MIDI player?
  • Can you reduce this to a simple song that you can send me to investigate?


Hi @brad
I’m on work right now, will do some further testing this evening…

Hi @brad!
Did you receive the zip-file?
Greetings, Tom

:joy::joy::joy: I am an idiot - shalalalalala!
I forgot to reset the volume slider of the media player!
–> Thread closed, and I am going to drink a big beer right now :sunglasses: