Bug? v3.0 3116 (x86) - Importing V2 Session - extra unwanted audio route through effects plugin

Have I found a bug - or am I doing something wrong? I’ll try and explain (sorry if this has been discussed already)

I’ve tried importing a few sessions from v2 and noticed the following behaviour on all of them:

In a rack in V2 I might have an instrument VST feeding audio into an effects VST (e.g. Messiah into Classic Reverb)

When I import it into v3, it seems to make an additional second route that bypasses the effects plugin. This is apparent because the sound is twice as loud and when I suspend the effects plugin the sound still plays through it.

If I delete the effects plugin and create a new one and route the instrument plugin through it - it behaves correctly.

Actually - I have one session where every rack goes through my “super effects” rack that has 4 or 5 effects plugins. When I imported it into v3 the instruments where amplified 5 times over. The noise was - disturbing!

Using v3.0 3116 (x86) Windows 10

Steps to reproduce:

In V2.

Create a rack with an instrument VST (e.g. mda Piano) and an effect VST (e.g. Sonalksis FreeG Stereo)

Import into V3 and tidy up routes. When the Sonalksis FreeG is suspended, the piano can still be heard.

Ah ok I see what’s happening. Will be fixed in the next build.

Also - song transpose goes a bit funny on these imported racks. An increase of 0.1 sometimes translates to 0.2…

Is this caused by the same thing do you think?