Bug: "Use different rack" doesn't re-wire all bindings


I’ve been busy replacing organ racks in my songs to feature the new IK Hammond B3X. After doing this with “use different racks”, some bindings still point at the previous rack (and throw an error in verify “Unknown binding target …” with the target still being the previous organ rack.

It looks like i’ve identified part of the reason behind it: the bindings affected appear to have StateBehavior->Target enabled. Could it be that Cantabile doesn’t go through the states list to replace targets across all states when replacing a rack?

@brad: maybe you can have a look at this?




Hi @Torsten

Thanks for reporting. Your theory seems sound. I’ll check it out.



@brad: while you‘re checking - guess it would be useful to check state-controlled route targets as well.

Also, state-dependent rack states usually create issues when replacing a rack, but I don‘t know if simply overwriting them with an initial state would be a good idea. Maybe leave the „old“ state name in place, but have it greyed out, so the user know that action is necessary for a specific ?