Bug: SysEx rack state dependent triggers

I have a rack intended to set the pad colors on my MPK261. You can see in this image that the midi out is being sent directly to the MPK261.

The MIDI monitor window in the image below is monitoring the output port in the image above.

The 2nd to last byte in the SysEx message is state dependent, and is 1 number below the State Program Number. In this image I switched states to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then 7. As you can see, despite the fact that the SysEx string in the image has 06 as expected, the message actually being sent is 00.

I am having issues like this with state dependent SysEx values in several racks that used to work.

Edit: Even with GreenBlue state selected, with the SysEx value being 06, when I press the Play button to manually trigger it still sends SysEx with a 00 value. This is the value for State 1 (Off) if that helps.

Hi @BigTwisty

Thanks for reporting this. Bug caused by some over-zealous internal caching. Will be fixed in the next build.



Awesome! I love how quick you get stuff sorted. Your reasoning for using the subscription model is spot on.

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3283 and 3522 fix this.



Beautiful. I’ll grab 3522 this evening.