Bug: song failing to open after changing a plugin in a linked rack

Here’s a nice one for @brad:

I have a “guitar tuner” rack that I use in a number of songs. This rack has a state “hide” and a state “show”, enabling me to control the visibility of the tuner by song state. Typically, the tuner is shown when opening the song, hidden later.

I recently edited this rack, substituting a different plugin as a tuner. Now, a number of the songs using this rack won’t open anymore with the “object reference…” error message.

This seems to be due to a line in the song file:

	"primaryView": "GuitarTuner\nPolytune 1",

This line still seems to reference the previous plugin in my rack, and when this plugin isn’t found, loading fails with that error.

To be able to open this song again, I needed to manually edit the song file and either delete the “primaryView” line or replace “GuitarTuner\nPolytune 1” with null.

Now the songs open nicely again.

I think Cantabile should deal more constructively with this situation - if a PrimaryView window isn’t found, it should assume “null” and not sabotage the song load altogether - @brad: makes sense?

BTW: I assumed that “Primary View” is a property of a rack, not of a specific plugin window inside a rack - @brad, can you clarify? Maybe this is because a plugin window was open when the song was saved?



Hi Torsten,

Cantabile has two concepts of primary view - one for racks which causes the rack to be automatically opened when the song is loaded:

and one for docked plugin editors which causes that tab to be activated when the song is loaded:

The setting you’re referring to is the second one - hence the plugin name as a value (instead of just true/false for the rack slot setting).

In any case, I’ve fixed the issue for the next build such that the plugin primary view setting is ignored if it doesn’t match any loaded plugin name.


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Aah, that’s good to know! Thanx for clearing that up.

Interesting though: no docked plugins in the songs that failed loading. I may have experimented with docked tuners in the past, but had long changed back to undocked. But it looks like the setting has somehow stuck…