Bug [Solved]: System Tray Icons are not cleaned up after exit

After exiting Cantabile, defunct (or “zombie”, but not in the Unix sense) icons are left in the system tray. This might need some @brad intervention. I’m on Win10x64, v4056, and my UI setup is:


After launching and exiting C4 twice, my system tray looks lile:


… after 3 more launches:


Doing a mouse-over across a leftover icon causes it to vanish.

(and you can tell, it’s partly cloudy here, but I don’t think that’s relevant)

I’ll get it fixed.

This should be fixed in build 4059.

v4059 does resolve the “icons not being cleaned up” issue.

However (and I just noticed this … not sure if was a problem in earlier versions):

If I launch C4 and then minimized it so that it has an icon in the Taskbar (and also in the system tray), a single-click on the small C4 system tray icon does not bring up the Cantabile Window.

A single-click on the large taskbar icon does bring up the C4 window, but the small system tray icon requires a double-click. Other system tray icons that I have seem to need only a single-click. Not sure what might be causing this …

It’s caused by the way I wrote it.

My feeling was that if you’ve minimized to tray you probably want Cantabile out of the way and in the background. Single click to bring it back seemed too easy so made it a right click menu to explicitly reshow.