[BUG] (SOLVED) Parsing of free-form Note Names in MIDI Filters

In a free-form text entry field for a range of notes, the note Bb2 is not parsed as valid while A#2 works just fine … (Cantabile v4052, Win10x64).

When I set up this MIDI filter:

… I got no error / warning, but the filter failed to work properly and suppress the notes.

When I saved the song file and later re-opened it, I got a parse error:

SongParseError_Screenshot 2022-09-30 044637

… pointing to the “notes” line:

					"IsInput": true,
								"type": "SuppressEvents",
								"channelMask": 65535,
								"eventMask": 0,
								"allowControllers": false,
								"suppressMidiClockEvents": false,
								"controllers": "",
								"allowNotes": false,
								"suppressNotesMode": "1",
THIS LINE ===>					"notes": "C0-Bb2",
								"enabled": true,
								"userNotes": "Suppress Duduk notes from the highest drone note in any key (the top note in R1 of the B3 key)."
					"pluginPortName": "MIDI In",
					"name": "MIDI In"
					"IsInput": false,
					"pluginPortName": "MIDI Out",
					"name": "MIDI Out"

I then hacked the song file to change

"notes": "C0-Bb2"

… to …

"notes": "C0-A#2"

… and the song file parsed and the filter worked properly.

Still appears to be an issue. May need @brad attention …

This should have been fixed by build 4053:

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Right. I’m still on the road and my road rig has 4052.

This bug is resolved as of v4054. (Yay!)