Bug report....Time Freezer vst has problems

Hi @brad,

I’m sorry to report that Time Freezer is crashing/not working in C3.
I’ve notified Marc, the developer and linked him to this thread.

Time Freezer has 2 flavours: an instrument which loads wavs and an fx that takes a stream.
The instrument plugin has a button to load a wav. That button should open a file selection dialog but does nothing (and on another system crashes C3).

There are some other situations that have crashed C3, which I’ve sent error reports. But the main problem is that file dialog.

I’ve had the plugin working fine within Reaper.
Hopefully we can get it running in C3.


Hi @Neil

I received a couple of crash reports about this and the plugin’s developer has been in touch. From what I could tell from the crash reports, it looks like issues with the plugin so I’ve forwarded them to him for review.


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Thanks for looking into this @brad. Marc seems like a top chap, as you say, he’s on to this immediately. I’m sure you’ll get it running smoothly soon.