Bug report: Encoder handling / relative modes

Hey people, hey Brad,

I tried to assign my encoders to a gain-control of a rack.
So I set up a new binding. My encoder sends 1 when turned clockwise and 127 when turned counter clockwise just like Cantabile should expect it. I double checked that with the integrated MIDI Monitor of Cantabile.
I tried all relative-modes but none of them is working. Normally “2’s complement” should fit this setting, but the gain-control is just jumping between -infinite and -57dB.

Does anybody got this working?


Hi Chris,

I just double checked this here and it seems to be working fine.

Can you send me a recording of your rotary encoder. eg: a recording of rotating it right a couple of times then left a couple of times. Also a screen shot of your binding and the encoding settings.


Hi Brad,

hm strange… I tried everything… I’ll keep you posted about this…
Not today or tomorrow… it’s christmas :wink:

Have some great days!

Hey Brad,

I had some time to investigate that…
The encoder itself is working and C3 receives the correct commands. Also the binding works. But! As soon as you adjust the range of the binding (standard is -inf. - +14db) the encoder is no longer working correctly. I normally set the range of the rack-output-bindings to +6db maximum. Here seems to be a problem…
Could you doublecheck and confirm that?


Hi Chris,

OK, I’ll check it out.

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