Bug / Limitation ? Decoding internally generated sysex

Hello everyone,

I have a Sysex Patcher set up as the following:
Decode: F0 $(a) $(b) $© F7
Encode: F0 $(a) $(b) $© F7

This should receive a 5-byte Sysex message and send out the exact same Sysex. However, byte 4 is not being passed on correctly. It defaults to 00 regardless of the value of that byte.

The Sysex message is being generated internally in Cantabile by a Selected State Index binding. All the bytes are hardcoded, except for the fourth byte, which is a $(value) which passes a State index.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the message pre- and post- Sysex Patcher.

Is this something @brad can share some light on ?


Hi @charlie,

Thanks for reporting. Yep, this is a bug - fixed in build 3675 (maybe today available now)


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That’s brilliant! Thanks so much for the quick help.
You’re the bee’s knees.