Bug in "Verify Set List"?

I love the “verify set list” feature - helps me to make sure that my songs translate well from my studio machine to my live laptop.

But there is an issue with bindings with this feature: I get tons of “Unknown binding target” messages:

But these targets do exist, and the bindings page looks pretty good (no “unknow targets” here):

Interestingly enough, the same targets (SoloSynthRack, StringLayerRack, …) appear also in the bindings #10,11,… - and these show up as “green” in Verify Set List.

So something seems to be broken in the Verifyer - @brad, can you find out what this is?



Indeed, I’ve been seeing this since the dawn of time (see this thread about it from last August).

It would be nice to get this fixed.


Certainly looks like a bug. @Torsten or @Neil_Durant could you send me a song or rack file that demonstrates this problem and I’ll look into it.


Sent you an email with setlist, song, and rack files.



Thanks @Torsten - should be fixed in the next build.

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