Bug in sidebar State editing?

I’ve noticed that when editing the position of a song state, the Ctrl+ up arrow command loses focus after one move. For example, I highlight a song state in the side panel, hold down Ctrl+Up and the state moves up one position toward the top. However if I continue holding down Ctrl and press the up arrow again, the command loses focus. I have go through the process of reselecting the State and pressing Ctrl+Up each time I want it to move up one position. Can anyone reproduce this behavior?

Strange - I don’t get that at all, and focus remains on the item for me, as expected, so I can keep Ctrl held and press Up/Down repeatedly to move the state up and down.

However, I do get the issue you describe when I move show notes up and down, and it’s a bit irritating.


I had a strange thing happen while checking this, I selected the state I wanted to move and it highlighted, I was able to move it as expected. ( So v 3239 is not behaving that way here ) While fooling with it I inadvertently selected the States panel in an empty area and the colored slot remained but was not highlighted, when I press ctrl+up it crashed the app with an out range exception. I was able to reproduce it regularly.


Just had a huge crash in the song I was working on when I tried to delete one of my States. The screen was full of “exception” error windows. Restarted Cantabile and now Ctrl+Up is working properly but unfortunately I’ve lost about 20 minutes worth of song editing.

After playing with this a bit more, I see the problem. The Ctrl+Up arrow works correctly in the side bar if song states are hidden in the ticker bar. However, if song states are visible in the ticker bar (under the song names), then continuing to hold down Ctrl and pressing the up arrow moves the focus away from the sidebar to the ticker bar.

Can anyone verify this?

I can’t reproduce this - but it might depend which build you’re running. I made some focus selection on song change fixes in a recent build which might have been stealing focus from the set list panel. ie: please try in the next build and let me know if it still happens.

Fixed for the next build (same problem in set list panel also fixed).

I think this too is also fixed for the next build, but if not let me know.

Fixed in the next build


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@brad, this morning the sidebar Ctl+Up command is working correctly. No jumping around. I haven’t updated my build recently, so no idea why it’s no longer misbehaving.

OK weird - let me know if it happens again.

Please see my original post. This is happening again since I updated to the latest experimental build.

Update: after downloading build 3243, no more weird behavior. Very odd.