Bug in Metronome and Bindings

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I try to program a song with different time signatures and tempo.
The Song starts with a 7/8 signature with 80 bpm.
On bar 30 the sig change to 4/4 - same temp.

I did not managed to set the bindings that worked as needed.
I tried it with the binding target metronome “Select Time Signature Preset” Value “2” (reflects to 4/4).
As Source I choose the Transport event “On Position” with the value “30 1.000”.
At bar 15 the drigger fired and reseted the transport (to 1)
After changing the value to 61 1.000 ithe trigger fired at bar 30 - but again with a reset of the transport (to bar 1).

I then tried it with states but faced the same behavior.
Looks like the trigger counts differently to that was is seen on the srceen (always in x/4)
And a signature change results in a restart of the bar counter.