Bug in 3645 using a renamed linked rack

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Hi @brad

I might have come across a bug in the 3645 build. 3643 is still ok

What I did (and reproduced):
-I renamed one of my linked racks SynthBassRack to BassSynthRack, just under Windows file manager
-I then tried to load song which contained that linked rack that I now renamed
-Until 3643 Cantabile would then indicate that rack missing, and you could correct it / replace the rack
-3645 crashes; ‘Cantabile Error Reporting / The module KernelBase has caused an non-recoverable error and forced / Context> Unhandeled exception filter’

I cannot send error report because the file is too large

  • Failed to send - The remote server returned an error 413 Request Entity Too Large

Hope you can have a look at it

Kind regards


I’ve fixed an issue like this for the next build - not sure if exactly the same but sounds like it. New build will be up soon.


Hi @brad

Thanks. I did some tests with 3646 and the issue seems resolved. Thanks for your prompt repair of this.


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