[Bug] Crash on Binding: Song States / Selected State Name

I get an immediate crash in v4059 x64 when selecting the [Selected State Name] in a binding with the source [Song States].

Crash reports have been sent to @brad

Hi Clint,

Thanks for reporting this. I had a look at the crash report and there’s something going wrong with trying to format the condition column on the binding but I wasn’t able to reproduce it here.

  1. Does this happen when setting up a new binding, or are you editing and existing binding with a condition attached to it?
  2. What is the name of the current state you have selected when the crash occurs? Anything unusual about it (eg: international characters, emojis etc…)

Perhaps if you can send me a screen recording of exactly what you’re doing and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


I am using no characters outside of the ASCII 7-bit subset.

Had some trouble re-creating the situation, but I found that it happens on an existing binding with a source of [Song States] => [Selected State Program] => 2.

If I change [Selected State Program] to [Selected State Name] , C4 crashes.

Here’s a link to a screen video in my Dropbox …

NOTE that the video does not show the popup choice-box when I am selecting a new value for [Song States]. I have clicked on [Song State Name] and make the choice of [Selected State Name] when C4 crashes …

Hi Client,

Thanks for that I’ve reproduced it and will get it fixed.

In the meantime, either create a new binding, or remove the condition setting before changing the binding source.


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FYI: fixed for the next build.

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