Bug: controller to note binding not firing across state change

Hi @brad,
This is bizarre because I’m sure it was working last night when I set it up.
I have a controller pedal, it sends cc64 127 when depressed and cc64 0 when released.
Music context: I want to play a reverse cymbal when the pedal is pressed then a regular crash when it’s released.
I set up a controller (switch) binding from the pedal to TX16Wx midi in, the value is 51/50 (ie it sends note 50 when the pedal is pressed and note 51 when it’s released) (Tx16Wx does the switching and muting using a choke group)
Anyways, this works great in both the songs states I need it for.
However, when I press the cymbal pedal then switch state and then release the pedal. Note 51 does not get triggered.
I monitor the midi and the strange/frustrating thing is that the controller messages appear fine across state changes, yet they are not converted.
Please help,

I’ve worked around this by using piz midiConverter3.