Bug C3 when i send quikly a lot of program change


Hello Bug ?

Windows 10 64 bits,
C3 performer 3640,
Keyboard Roland FA08 usb plug with th PC.

My piano FA08 send program change to change the songs.
When i send quikly a lot of program change, the communication usb with my keyboard stop. I can’t close C3, i have to kill it with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

I must unplug the USB cable et again plug it et open C3.

The solution is to send one program change and wait 1 second and send another and wait 1 seconde…


Hi @lolol

Not had any other reports of this so it’s hard to say off hand what might be causing this. The best way to diagnose this would be if you can easily reproduce it (sounds like you can) would be to send me a DebugDiag or ProcDump dump

  1. Reproduce the problem
  2. Follow the instructions here: https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/support/debug#diagnosing-hangs
  3. You could also use DebugDiag (which tends to capture better/more info) but I’ve not used it for hangs (only crashes). See the guide here for crashes, you should be able to adapt it for hangs I think)



Thank you
very good info.
I’ve solved the problem, it was problem with 2 songs.