Buffer underrun issues

I’m running Cantabile with Voicemeeter Potato and my MOTU ASIO drivers

a solid 25% of the time that Cantabile opens for the first time or on a computer restart it will give me glitchy buffer underrun errors, it doesn’t seem to matter the buffer size or the order audio devices/programs were opened in

closing Cantabile solves the problem immediately 100% of the time

restarting Cantabile sometimes works, but often doesn’t, sometimes I have to restart the whole computer, and even then, sometimes that doesn’t work.

I can’t find any consistent way to get it to reproduce the errors, nor any consistent way to fix them, does anyone have any ideas that could help me alleviate this problem?

Welcome to the forum. Our voicemeeter super expert is @terrybritton. He’ll certainly help you.

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The consistent way to fix them is to first make certain that both sample rates are the same in Voicemeeter and Cantabile, then just keep clicking the Cantabile “Power On/Off” button at the top right till the two programs grab sync. Usually.