Brusfri vst noise reduction plugin

Wondering if anyone has tried using the Klevrgrand Brusfri noise reduction plugin. It’s been around four a couple of years. Tried the demo this morning. It took care of ALL electrical hum which I had been using a Behringer Micro HD400 to deal with for a couple of years.

I’m not an audio professional but associates know I have recording gear so I get asked to clean up things like conference recordings. The iZotope tools i have are for cleaning up vinyl conversions. The DIY approaches using off the shelf VST’s such as ones that come with Reaper alter the original recording too much. I’m going to check it out also.

Hi @LeesKeys
Is it usable in live situations inside Cantabile?

I thought it was, but it seems best for removing noise from audio tracks, not live VSTs. It needs an audio signal to work. I’m still using my Behringer UM2 to deal with low frequency electrical noise.

Hey Lee,

Any chance you could have a bad cable? More often than not, that is the electrical noise problem.


pretty sure it’s my household wiring. Thanks

Ugh. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. We attended a church that met in a condemned building. (There was a freeway going through and the previous occupant took a payout and moved on. We rented until it was time for the bulldozers.) The power was horrible and no one wanted to spend anything on it to fix it. This sounds awful, but the only thing we could do to avoid the noise was plug everything into the same outlet.