@Brad - Pianoteq Crashes?

Hey Brad just wondering if you got all the crash reports I sent re the Pianoteq plugin both crashing itself and on occasion freezing C3 requiring a re-boot?


I have the same problem! On my system, it seems to be subject to using the sustain pedal. Anyone else having this problem? If I cannot get this resolved, I will have to either find another piano VST, another VST host, or drop a laptop for live use all together and go back to my KORG Triton only - which would be very sad… I’ve followed every trick in the book for optimizing my system for music production, and only have my music programs and a web browser installed. (i7 processor, 32 gb ran, SSD) Working with Pianoteq on this problem too…I love these products, their sound, and performance features; IF they can be made reliable for the stage. System crashes while playing live is simply not acceptable.

When Cantabile crash occurs, the best thing to do is recreate the crash, then send the log files to Brad, as explained here.

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My Studio machine is also i7, 32gb, SSD. I don’t think I’ve ever had a crash I could attribute to PianoTeq and I use it a lot. My live machine is similar, but Core i5. No serious problem there, either. Latest Windows updates, most recent Cantabile build. However, it is a mini desktop, not a laptop, so much simpler power settings. And I use Process Lasso.

Seriously, send the crash package to @brad. And don’t worry, be happy!