Boss GT-10 and other things

Wow after devoting a few hours to figuring some stuff out with cantabile and my gt-10, I don’t think I will need an fcb 1010 and my gnx3000 might go up for sale. I can start and stop cantabile and advance songs with the cntr pedals on the gt-10. If I can figure out how to send a program change 127 to my vocalist vr that will be extra cool. :grinning:

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I do the same in my Line6Helix and its command centre, so for a guitar only gig (not that they ever came off) I did not need my FC300 which I use in my keyboard rig.

It is the flexibility of the bindings and racks that make this all possible.

If your “vocalist VR” is connected to the PC via a different MIDI port, then you could use bindings in each song to send whatever you need to external devices. This is what I do.

So for example, in my guitar rig I have my Gig rack which is a hub to my MIDI devices (no more MIDI daisy chains) so Cantabile can do any MIDI processing needed (long story as to why I did that).

  • I select a patch/song on the Line 6 Helix as normal
  • I have a linked rack in all of the songs in a Cantabile setlist that detects the program changes sent from the Helix, and they select the song in Cantabile
  • In each song there is an “on song load” binding that sends a program change to my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 to ensure it has the right patch for the song
  • Helix command centre is setup so that in each Helix patch two of the Helix stomp buttons start/stop the Cantabile transport

If you need further help, I could do some screen shots of the setup for you.

The only reason I want to send 127 to the vocalist vr is that is the program change that bypasses the the unit, I may be able to use cc 12, right now I use a footswitch directly into the unit, just would like to minimize cables. I have programmed the songs but every once in a while the unit is on when it should be off and vice versa.

OK. It is not clear when you wish to send the 127 to the unit (or a CC12)

Is it when a song is not running for making voice announcements without effects on (I assume so). Also how do you take it of that mode?

It should all be possible with bindings, but it would help if you could explain your use case a little more clearly. :slight_smile:

When the song is not running for talking to the crowd is one time that I would be using it. Using 127 bypasses the vocalist vr and sending it again enables it. From looking at the manual cc #12 is the harmony level control so it would also have to send minimum and maximum values so an expression pedal might work for doing it that way,

Now I’m trying to get the gt-10 to respond to cc’s to turn boost, delay, and other effects on and off, but the manual doesn’t really give step by step instructions for that. The pod hd pro and hd 500 worked by simply changing the value sent and the gnx3000 has set values eg (cc 30 value 0-42 amp 1, 43-84 amp 2, 85-127 warped amp).

One nice thing about the gt-10 is that it changes the patch via midi fast enough that I may end up doing my patch changes that way.

OK, but still not clear on how you want it to work, or how you have had it working before? So, how do you wish to send PC 127 or CC12 to your vocalist VR?

Is it via a control switch on the GT-10, a key on the PC keyboard, when a song loads? When a song starts? When a song stops?

I would say the PG127 is problematic as it is a toggle and are you sure you can always get it into the correct state? And can you see the state? Is there some sequence of controlling the vocalist VR that forces a known state?

Maybe consider some logic to force the state

Something like the following in terms of bindings (and I have had a quick peek at the vocalist VR manual.

  • Song Load (Next song) - Binding to select the vocalist VR patch (does this reset the bypass? I am assuming it does)
  • Song Load (Next song) - delayed by whatever period is needed to ensure the previous binding is responded to first. Binding to send the PC 127 (at this point you have the vocalist VR patch selected and bypassed
  • Song start (Transport start) - Binding to send PC 127 to toggle bypass off
  • Song end (Transport stop) - Binding to send PC 127 to toggle bypass on
  • And maybe some means of overriding it - a CTRL switch on the GT-10 and/or computer keyboard to just send the PC 127

Or you could do the same with CC values

  • Song Load (Next song) - Binding to select the vocalist VR patch
  • Song Load (Next song) - delayed by whatever period is needed to ensure the previous binding is responded to first. Binding to send CC 12 value=0.
  • Song start (Transport start) - Binding to send CC 12 value =100 (or whatever value for the song)
  • Song end (Transport stop) - Binding to send CC 12 value =100
  • And maybe some means of overriding it - a CTRL switch on the GT-10 and/or computer keyboard to just send the CC 12 either value=0, or value=100

If you take the CC approach you could also add extra bindings to bypass other things assigned to CC like reverb - it is usual to talk “dry” between songs.

The sending of the PC 127 or CC12, transport start and stop and override bindings could be put in your background rack (or a linked rack that is in all songs) to save repeating them in all songs. So only the first binding needs to be in the song to select specific vocalist VR patches.

Likewise, in the background (or linked) rack you could have bindings to listen to GT-10 patch changes and select the relevant Cantabile song.

I am not sure if the above would work for you and your setup, but it is the approach I use on my gear, and hopefully it gives you some ideas.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain some of this to me, I can see the state on the vr, the bypass button lights up, I currently use an external footswitch directly into the unit. I have my midi file turning it on and off during the songs where required. I was thinking after I managed to use the gt-10 to start, stop and advance to the next song in the setlist that it would be nice to use it to manually bypass the vr.

I have songs starting with sending the bypass using the midi channel starting patch of 127, then during the song different patches select the desired key and harmony mode, and program change 127 bypasses the unit. I have the unit non-bypassed at the finish of the song so the next song’s startup bypasses it.

Thanks Derek,
I figured it out, what a great program cantabile is, I didn’t realize I could do this, gt10 controller pedal #4 sends a cc #26 (no edge), cantabile converts it to a program change and sends it out.

Voila desired result.

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I went back and looked at this again, now that I understand a little more about bindings. I setup a background rack a on song unload I send program change 127 to the vr vocalist and it works great, much simpler than what I was doing, also have bindings to advance song on ending song and having lights on between songs.

Thanks again Derek

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No problem, and glad it helped. I can sometimes take some time to get your head around bindings and what they can do. They are so flexible. :slight_smile: