Bonjour et Bonne année!

Hello and Happy new year to the Cantabile community that I am happy to join today !
I am a not-so-young (81) Frenchman, formerly sound engineer (music and movies) and musician (piano/guitar, composer and song writer).
I have been practicing Cantabile Solo 2 for a few years, and I am now testing V3.
I use to record MIDI only, no Audio, then I export MIDI files to Reaper to finalize the process.
The most often I send the MIDI to an external synth, in this case a daughter card Yamaha DB50XG.
Here is my first track recorded to-day with Cantabile Solo 3, Reaper and my DB50XG :

For me Cantabile Solo replaced Cubase’s “retrospective recording” function, which I missed when I switched to Reaper… :slight_smile:


Welcome, @Gaston!

I looked you up at SoundCloud and found you easily!

Excellent work all around! A real joy just letting your list run! :slight_smile:


That’s a really pretty and evocative piece. I’d love to hear it rendered on a really good piano…

Thanks Terry ! Merci ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gaston

Thanks for sharing. Nice piece!

Love hearing how people are using Cantabile and welcome to the forum.


Just ask … ::wink:

Same MIDI file, just a little bit tweaked, rendered with Pianoteq Grotrian Player large.

Hmmm… nope, I’m wrong and your original instincts were right… it’s nice but the other version is better. The distant “plectrum-y” sound is good. We have a local college with a 9 piece classical guitar choir I’ve worked with. We need to arrange it for them! :smiley: Anyway, lovely piece. I need to see if I can write something this abstract…

I also prefer the original! !
This preset of my old DB50XG is among those that inspire me the most, over the last fifteen years ! :slight_smile:

I could say the same for your music ! :slight_smile:

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