Bluetooth signal loss recapture OS fix request


Just a request really if it is at all possible…could Cantabile have a switch that could be set to auto-scan (or something like that haha) bluetooth (and/or WI-FI for that matter) so that it is not necessary to re-boot Cantabile to re-acquire it?

I use a BT controller, and if for some reason the signal drops out, even if I restart the bluetooth device Cantabile will not see it until the program (C3) is restarted. Ok at home but a definite non-starter at a gig!


Hi Dennis,

I can’t help with your request but I do I have a question. Does it reset the Bluetooth connection if you turn the audio engine on and off with the button on the right side of the toolbar or go to the options menu and then back to the song? Or does it need a full restart of the program to fix it?




Hey Dave :slight_smile: - don’t know, I’ll try that next time it happens and advise! Good suggestion :ok_hand:


I suspect this is actually a lower level problem than what Cantabile deals with. Cantabile will monitor for MIDI devices appearing and disappearing and will disconnect and reconnect from them when the do.

If however the underlying connection is dropping out, but the MIDI device is still visible Cantabile has no way to know that is should reconnect. The only option I can think of for this is to monitor al network and bluetooth connections and reconnecting all MIDI device when something changes - but that sounds like a really bad idea.

Also, for the record… I have looked into adding direct support for Bluetooth devices, but I hit technical problems with the API that I couldn’t get an answer from anyone at Microsoft.


Yeah I have a suspicion you are correct! ok cool, nice to know you have at least tried Brad :slight_smile: