Bluetooth MIDI - need to reset C3 after disconnect/reconnect

I’m playing with a Korg MicroKey Air which connects ok via Bluetooth. If it goes out of range, or I switch the microkey off and back on, then I have to use the power button on C3 to re-recognise it. This does not happen with USB MIDI devices - I can disconnect and reconnect those at will, and C3 picks it back up straight away.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose? Cheers.

Probably a question for the keyboard manufacturer but my guess is the keyboard goes out of range, the driver loses it’s connection and doesn’t recover. Because the MIDI device isn’t disappearing/reappearing in the list of devices reported by Windows Cantabile is blissfully unaware and doesn’t try to reconnect it - cause it thinks it’s still there.


Thanks Brad - that seems reasonable.

I tested the MicroKey in another app and had the same behaviour. I’ve raised a support ticket with Korg.